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Cameron Foundation

Situation: The Cameron Foundation provides programs and activities for Petersburg-area residents and areas served by Southside Regional Medical Center. In 2009, Cameron invited Monument to bid on construction of its new headquarters.

Challenges: As a nonprofit and accounting to both its board and residents, the Cameron Foundation didn’t have the luxury of negotiated work. With fewer opportunities in the recession, the eight bidders submitted competitive proposals for the project, which included both historical renovation and new construction. However, Monument’s extensive restoration work and subcontractor relationships enabled our firm to submit the best bid.

Resolution: Besides providing the most-competitive bid (among 8 bidders), our Monument team had the expertise to complete some of the most difficult project work, enabling our firm to offer the foundation the best value for its money.

“The project is an example of how modern design can complement a historic architecture where the purposeful contrast between old and new serves to amplify the visual clarity of the original building.”