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Butterworth Lofts

Situation: The Larkin Hotel opened in 1915, when Hopewell was a DuPont company town. By the 1930s, the facility had been converted to retail, eventually becoming home to a Butterworth Furniture store. In 2005, Butterworth consolidated its Hopewell operations elsewhere, and the city purchased the building. After an urban renewal campaign in the 1970s, many historic buildings had been demolished, so there was interest in restoring this downtown landmark.

Challenges: Approached by John Altman, Hopewell’s assistant city manager for development, Monument was brought in during 2008 to create a way to encourage people to move into downtown, looking for private partners that could continue recent revitalization work such as a new downtown library, lighting, and hardscaping. We teamed up with Sensei Development and Commonwealth Architects to propose converting the former hotel into luxury, urban apartments, earning the endorsement of the Hopewell City Council.

Resolution: Started in summer 2009, the project delivered 24 apartments and 6,000 square feet for retail. Our team restored the façade—which had been drastically altered in the 1970s—to its 1915 design. While working to maintain much of the historical character of the facility, our team also incorporated modern safety features. The project was completed in 2010.

“I think it’s a great project for the city. Monument and Sensei Development came in and made a positive investment, [they] took a building that the city owned that wasn’t in use and put it into a positive use, which is going to generate additional residents for downtown and help us further our redevelopment opportunities.”

- John Altman, Hopewell Assistant City Manager for Development, Progress-Index, June 2010